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Best Toaster for Artisan Bread

Want a healthy yet fun breakfast

Is health conscious? Now we all love a well aware and conscious mindset but we also understand how it can be a curse in disguise especially if you’re all about your food and trying out different fun foods. Add a fun twist to your regular salad or oatmeal by toasting your whole grain artisan bread to get that perfect crispy layer and add your favorite toppings on top. Make your artisan bread taste fun using these toasters we’d recommend buying.

Things to consider when buying artisan bread

Slot Size

While buying a toaster, especially for toasting your artisan bread you would want to make sure the toaster slots are thick enough to fit in a variety of wide foods such as thick breads, frozen waffles, crumpets, etc.

Toaster Version

Always try to buy the most updated of any appliances as they are adjusted to get rid of the faults in the previous ones. Older versions of toasters may have controls where you might end up burning yourself if they’re touched while they’re hot.[1]

Crumb tray

Make sure you buy a toaster having a crumb tray that is easy to remove and clean i.e., can be easily withdrawn and put back, does not have any sharp edges, and is of non-stick material.

Heating speed

Buy a toaster having a high wattage reading so it toasts faster, making your food soft on the inside whilst being time-efficient for your busy days.[2]

Check its guarantee

Before buying, ensure you have checked your product guarantee. It’s always helpful to know where you’re going to get your services from and for how long.

1. Breville Artisan Bread Toaster

Breville Artisan Bread Toaster
This is a long slot toaster for longer and wider breads along with toasting setting that last a little while longer to get that extra crisp. IT also comes with LED display and a look n’ lift liver to check without interruption

More than average

We’d call it a bit more based on its high ratings and it being Amazon’s Choice, probably because it’s not as expensive and serves pretty good until its warranty expires with is a reasonable amount of time for any product you’re ever to buy.

Four slices long

We know you’re here to acquire more than just a basic toaster for your white square breads, you want a long slots toaster to fit in your healthier and wider artisan breads, well you’ve got two slots for that which can also serve as a four slotted toaster for your regular white bread.

Lift n’ look lever

Now when looking for long-slotted toasters for your artisan bread, extra wide and extra-long slots is a basic one, what you might rarely find is a toaster having a lift up the lever to check on your toasts without disturbing the toasting cycles just to get that quick peek and to make sure your bread toast to fit your taste.

2. Cuisinart Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster

Cuisinart Bakery Artisan Bread Toaster
Perfect for artisan breads, this toaster has those extra wide, extra-long slots whilst still having other functions like toast shade selection and suitability for various foods

Extra-wide, Extra-long slots for your artisan bread

This toaster is a special toaster specially designed with extra-long and extra wide slots to fit in the freshly cut slices of your healthy artisan bread. It has a large heating surface you don’t have to worry about as you can easily adjust even large slices of bread.


Though having two slots, the extra length basically allows it to function as your regular four slotted toasters allowing it to function as much as any other versatile toaster. Having a large heating surface, you don’t have to worry about even fitting in other foods like bagels or frozen waffles etc.

Removable crumb tray

This toaster also has your basic removable tray you can easily remove it at any time according to your need. Due to its flexibility in design, you can easily collect your breadcrumbs hence making it very easy to clean.

3. Elite Gourmet Artisan Bread Toaster

Elite Gourmet Artisan Bread Toaster
It has extra-long slots to adjust a variety of rectangular breads at 6 varying shade settings to fit your taste whilst having a sleek modern structure

No –burn surface

This toaster is safely cool to touch even while heating or toasting your foods so you don’t have to worry about getting any burns like you might have to in case of other toasters. Feel free to adjust your control settings whenever you want.

Non-skid feet

Having a non-skid bottom, this toaster makes it easy for you to place your large artisan bread without having to re adjust it again and again. Secure your bread as soon as you place it inside the toaster making it easy to handle.

Two slots, fit four

Having extra length, this toaster provides you with two slots that can fit in four of your regular toasts while being versatile enough to have space for other bakery goods, your frozen waffles, and bagels, etc. The extra width and length of the two slots allow the toaster to act as a four slotted one.

4. Long artisan bread Toaster

Clear LED display

You no longer have to play a guessing game of whether the toasts are done or not as this toaster gives you a clear LED display countdown of when your toasts are going to be done, freeing you from the worry of potentially burning your toasts because of your wrong guesses.

Versatile Functions

In your daily busy routine, this gives you tons of ease as you can make your healthy artisan bread breakfast in just a few minutes. You can easily toast, defrost reheat the cooled bread evenly from all sides and if suddenly you change your mind, then yes you can cancel the process at any time. Having simple and easy function keys makes it more reliable, you can set it accordingly.

Heating Tray

This toaster has become a must buy in my opinion, I mean what more could you ask for, long slots, LED display, and what’s more? A HEATING TRAY!! This amazing toaster comes with a cute little raisable and easily foldable rack

Why buy it?

This Beautiful item takes minimal space and because of its unique and amazing functions with super stylish design makes it much valuable. Using the LED display, you’re much more likely to get those perfectly toasted artisan breads without having to burn them.

5. Oster Black Toaster for Artisan Bread

Oster Black Toaster for Artisan Bread
You don’t want to miss on this item if you want something unique and excitable in your home which requires minimal maintaining and have an auto shut off feature

Aesthetic Black Collection

This toaster comes with other black stainless steel kitchen appliances to fit with your aesthetic whilst giving a warmer vibe than your traditional stainless-steel look. Would definitely recommend buying one if you’re an artistic soul and deeply value the impact of aesthetics and artistic uniqueness.

Minimal maintenance requirements

In addition to being visually pleasing since your purchase you have been granted with the ease of low maintenance requirements due to its easy wipe surface, you’ll be able to maintain its aesthetic look without having to put much work in

Auto shut off feature

Like many others on this list, this toaster also comes with a unique way of its own to prevent your toasts from burning. With its auto shut off feature fearlessly roam around the house as your toasts toast by themselves.

6. Chefman Toaster for artisan bread

Chefman Food Mover Toaster Oven for artisan bread
The most modern and versatile toaster on this list with a capability of toasting much more than just bread, do pizza bagels and much more having a digital display along with a huge viewing window and temperature recommendation settings

Expensive but worth it!

Being multi-functional, having built one touch settings to do much more than just toasting, enjoy the versatility of being able to cook and bake items like pizza and other bakery goods, having an LED display and a large viewing window, you’d definitely want to get your hands on this handy kitchen appliance if you got those dollars.

Food in motion

 Having an in-built conveyor belt, you can cook your pizza or bake your sweet evenly thanks to the belt in motion that allows the next-gen infrared and halogen heating system to distribute heat evenly.

Use automated or customized one-press settings

Equipped with various settings turn on bagel mode or toast mode and do your regular foods like bagels and toasts or go a step further and even cook a pizza, broil a pot roast or bake sweets at the touch of a single button having automatic heat settings or want to have your food cooked, baked or toasted to fit your unique taste? Go ahead and try customizing the settings to fit your style.

Easy Cleanup

Enjoy the ease of cleaning a dish washer friendly removable crumb tray and the easily adjustable bonus coking pan you get to perfectly fit your pizza on the movable belt, Wipe-clean the sleek exterior with no difficulty at all.

7. IKICH Toaster for artisan bread

Internal Cord Storage

Don’t have much space? Or just love minimal and organized counter tops? This might be the toaster for you then, giving you an in-built cord storage, you need not worry about having your cord making your counter top look messy once you’re done.

Compact yet just big enough

For having internal cord storage and those extra-long extra wide slots for bigger breads, this toaster is relatively compact in design. Something you might want to consider in addition to how well your bread is toasted.

Easy Clean

Now you’ll find most toasters with an easy-to-clean removable crumb tray, which this toaster also accommodates but what might attract your attention is it also comes with a cord wrap to have your neat and clean just as we all like it.

8. Hamilton Artisan Bread Toaster

Toast, Bake, and even Cook

More than toast, bake, broil or even cook a pizza thanks to the spacious interior, versatility in settings and bake pan to get you started on cooking and baking a variety of foods. This might be handy when you’re living alone or in a shared apartment where you don’t have those huge ovens to bake and cook.


Having a thirty-minute timer and auto shut off option, have little to no worries about burning your food. Go ahead and do your tasks as your food cooks, bakes, or toasts by itself.

Living far from home? Buy it!

With a stylish and modern look, it also has convenient features especially for people living in dormitories or shared apartments, you can toast your breads, bake and cook without much effort or having to worry about burning food. Go ahead and make pastries, buns, crumpets, rolls, and much more using it.

Roll-up Door

Having a roll up and removable door, this toaster allows you to view your food without having to take it out and making it easy to clean whilst maintaining a stylish look to fit your décor.

9. CUSINAID Toasters for artisan Bread

CUSINAID Toasters for artisan Bread
This is an efficient four extra wide slots toasters with seven shade control settings and comes with smart touch settings

Smart one-touch settings

You can choose to reheat, defrost or cancel the process at easy to go one touch settings making breakfast super easy and fast.

Extra wide four slots

More than an average wide slots toaster brings you those wide slots but being four rather than the regular two slots. Make breakfast fast and efficient especially if you’re living with other family members so you have to consider their breakfast as well.

Versatile and Even Heating

With seven different shade settings and even heating, get to toast your artisan bread to your taste. Perfect those bread slices by lowering or increasing the heat according to your choice.

10. Kitchen Aid Artisan Bread Toaster.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Bread Toaster
Another one on the list with extra wide extra-long slots, aesthetically pleasing design and an under base cord storage

Under Base Cord Storage

This toaster brings you the delight of having a minimal countertop. Just plug out the cord and place it in the under base storage space once you’re done with your toasts.

Chose the color of your choice

Besides the basic silver, this one here brings you two unique color options of red or black. Chose the one that best goes with your kitchen décor and your sense of interior design.

Seven Different Shade settings

Whilst bringing you additional features like compact design, in-built storage, this toaster like a few others does not compromise on its heating shades to give you as much or as less crisp as you want.

11. REDMOND Artisan Bread Toaster

REDMOND Artisan Bread Toaster
This is your much anticipated four slotted toasters, having wide slots for easy cleaning and toasting thicker foods. You can adjust it to seven different shade settings to adjust with your taste

Deep Black

Deep black, probably a toaster color you won’t find in every house hold. This one’s a must have especially if you’re all about having yourself and your choices stand out a bit.

Bagel, Defrost, and cancel

Pretty much every toaster you find here does and must have these basic functions. Bringing you some other unique features as well, this specific appliance does not compromise on any one of the basic features every other toaster has to offer

Compact Design

This toaster brings you a built-in cord storage whilst still maintaining a compact beautiful design perfect to fit anywhere whilst still matching your black aesthetic, fitting with any décor choice.

12. Holife Toaster for Artisan Bread.

High Lift

Giving you an additional feature over some basic common ones, this toaster also comes with a high lift lever to be able to easily collect any size bread without having broken parts of it left inside. Easy placement, Easy removal!!

LCD countdown timer

Having a digital countdown display, view the time toasted or left at your convenience without actually feeling the need to check your toasts again and again.

Six Different Toast shade settings

Get a crispy exterior or a softer one depending upon your taste availing the six alternating high or low toast shade settings. The higher settings will probably suit your thicker and wider artisan breads that you’re here to search for.

13. Dash Toaster for Artisan Bread

Dash Toaster for Artisan Bread
This one’s another amazon's choice extra wide slot toaster with a see-through window, auto shut off settings, and versatility to defrosting and reheating

Clear window

Like a few others on this list, this one also comes with a see-through window so you can check up on your food without having to practically bring it out. Make use of the clear view to get those perfect crispy toasts you love.

Easy Wipe-Clean

Want to maintain hygiene? Well, you’ve got a wide and long slots toaster recommendation perfect to fit those bigger breads while having an easy wipe clean surface to clean up all the non-electric parts. Moreover, you’ve also got your easy to clean, removable crumb tray.

U.S customer support

Living in the U.S? Well, we’re here to delight you for every customer from U.S can avail customer support on every product.


Although all the products are top recommendations, wanting more economic or quality effectiveness here are your top three;

  • Elite Gourmet Artisan Bread Toaster, This one’s a go- to toaster if you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap gadget whilst still accommodating most common features.
  • Chefman Toaster for artisan bread, Though being the most expensive on the list, you’d definitely love it for its versatility of settings to toast, bake and even toast a pizza with the most modern design.
  • , We bring you yet another an eye-catching black aesthetic design with versatility in functions and display all while having a moderate price also comes with the LED indicators.


Are toaster slots all the same?

People not well informed on how to toast artisan bread might end up thinking they have to cut them short to somehow fit within the slim regular toasters. However, that is a mere misconception. One can easily find extra-long extra wide toaster specifically built to fit in your bigger breads and even do more like baking.

How much should I pay?

Giving a one in all kind of an answer would be quite difficult, to be honest as what you should be paid depends upon your pocket and inclination towards having more functions. If you’ll do well with a basic design, you’re good to go with 30-50 USD but if you’re willing to pay as much as the features your toaster could range anywhere from 50 to even 300 USD

Are the toaster energy and cost-efficient?

Being a well-informed consumer, you might not want to purchase an appliance without knowing its impact on your pocket, energy-consumption, and the environment So, ensure buying a toaster that is energy-efficient as it’ll be easy not only on your pocket but on the environment as well.


[2] Newborough, M., and S. D. Probert. “Enhancing the heat-transfer performances of conventional open-topped closed-sided toasters.” Applied Energy 29.1 (1988): 37-55.

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