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Best Toasters for Long Bread

Observer all the reason what a toaster will do for your long bread

Hey there morning people, running late for the work and want some toasted long bread? Planned on skipping the meal, never have to do it now when you can have a toaster in your home which will save your time and will satisfy the cravings as a whole rounder. The right toaster will help you having the yummiest meal of the day with all the heated and evenly cooked long bread. Toasters also can reheat, you can easily cancel the whole process and then easily set the long bread in for a long time and the bread will automatically pop out when ready. It is all not very easy?

Things to Consider before Buying a Toaster for Long Bread

Before buying anything you should know why are you buying it, what is the reason before selecting that particular thing? What are the features you should look at before buying it? As you are investing your amounts you should look before buying. Make sure what you are going to buy and how it will help you. If you are buying a toaster for long bread you must prioritize a toaster that has wide slots.

Here are some things you must consider while buying a toaster for long bread


Try not to ignore the fact that price does matter a lot there is no way out of buying an expensive toaster and then later on regretting every use. Not saying that there is no way out and always buy a cheaper one that may cause issues for you as well. But in between and checking the quality should always be your priority.


Before buying anything make sure that it is of good quality. If you buy something without bothering about its quality it will not work for a long time and your heavy investments will be useless. I always check the quality first and similarly I recommend you to look before you buy. Make sure that the quality is good enough just like its cost.

Easy to use

If you are buying any appliance you must consider that it is easy to use for you and your family. It should be very easy to use so that your kids can have their favorite toasts without asking you to make them for. Everybody should use it with ease without hesitating.[1]

Easy to clean

After long usage of toasters, you need to keep them clean as they are directly associated with your food. The structure is easy to keep clean also that it keeps itself clean for a longer time and the crumb tray collects the crumbs so you can wipe it out anytime.

Number of slots

The fun part is the more slots are in the toaster the more number of pieces of bread you can toast in them at a time and why not to choose some toaster with more number of slots. One more thing that number of slots determine the heating power as well. Can say if there are more number of slots there are chances the heating power is less because it is equally spread in 4 or more slots.[2]

Automatic Control

Automatic controlled toasters help you organized the bread in toasters. This one also give auto pop out bread when it is ready. There is something fun in it, it also have an automatic timer set which enables you to set the bread of your own choice.


The body of the toaster is made this way which have durability. If you wondering what body type of the toaster will stay for longer time then I would say look for steel ones because plastic body will eventually be of weak material and would not withstand the heat in itself.

Best Toasters for Long Bread

1) IKICH Toaster for Long Bread

9 shade settings

Till now you have only heard about seven, or five shade setting but let us tell you it got 9 shade setting now enjoy every shade heated toast of your choice. Make the bread look as light or as dark of your choice. Own it with style.

Easy to use

It is very easy to use. Now even you kids can use it to make toasts for themselves and you. It is user friendly. You can easily make long bread in it.

Removable Crumb Tray

The most visible feature that toaster must have and that you should have a knee look at is removable crumb tray which is used as a crumb collector, as a matter of fact this tray will make it quick for you to clean the crumbs from the toaster and there you go all new again.

2) Dash Toaster for Long Bread

Dash toaster for long loaves of bread
Comes with extra slots and wider toaster sides so make thick long breads freely, pack it and give a gift, and lastly keep a quick working with this toaster

Effective working

You tired of toasting some breads but it takes time a lot in getting ready but now it is easy and quick with this one, the toaster comes with advanced high tech which enables the toaster regulate proper heating throughout the toaster so there is not even a single portion which is uncooked.

Visible through window

Got all the joy by just reading it! The visible window shows the toast in process which is being prepared. Keep a check of the bread so whenever the bread is prepared you can take the bread out. The window feature is rare so I think why not to have this on in a kitchen so it makes your life more simple and easy.

Perfect gift

Yes, pack it now and present it over the find who is marrying the next moment. Also that you can present it to your mom or a friend who is chef crazy and make their day. They have all the features so why no to have this one.

3) Hamilton toaster for long bread

Hamilton toaster for long bread
It have the tech which enables the toasting power more, present it as a gift and also enjoy the auto shut off feature

Perfect for long bread

Ideal for long breads, comes with two wide slots for thick and long bread. This allows the making of long breads in no time. Why to wait when you can enjoy every second of the bread with refreshing cup of coffee.

Toasting technology

It has a boosting toast technology. You can easily put the toast inside it and as soon as it is prepared you can take it out.  Just have a precaution of not directly coming in contact with the toaster sides which results in burning of fingers and if your kids are using make sure you inform them this as well.[3]

Auto shutoff

Busy doing the chores and wait a minute just forgot about the toast in a toaster? Well this one got your back in saving the bread from turning darker. The auto shut off feature will be enabled automatically and when bread is ready the toaster will go off.

4) Amazon Basic Toaster for long bread

Amazon basic toaster for long bread
It is the best toaster for long bread and it has two wide slots which make the toasting easy for you. It is very time saving and energy saving. You don’t have to put your too much time while using it

Wide slots

Who doesn’t love thick bread which is full crispy? Everyone does. This toaster contains extra wide slots so you can easily put your thick cut slices of bread or bagels in it and have it whenever you want. I recommend you to have it if you love thick cut loaves of bread.

Easy to use

It is very user friendly. Now even your kids can use it easily and there is no harm. It has buttons over it which indicates every single function of it. You don’t need to understand its full procedure now you can easily use it although you are using it for the very first time you still will not face any difficulty.

Shade setter

The best and fun facts come when browning your bread is much easy now with this toaster, it is a matter of just few seconds before your long bread is toasted in the color choice of yours. Keep in mind the bread shade which is close to dark is crispier than light ones. [4]

5) Cuisinart Toaster for Long Bread


Quality of the appliance you are using matters a lot. So no need to worry about the quality, these toasters come with the bests qualities. You will not face any sort of difficulties while having it. You don’t need to repair it after every month and use it with full relaxation.

User friendly

It is very easy to use. If you are new to a toaster I would recommend it as you can easily use it without getting frustrated or confused. The visible functions and buttons enable the toaster to use it well and in a manner which is easy for you.

Easy Cleaning

It can be cleaned easily. After using it anyone can clean it as its crumb tray easily slide out and you can remove even smaller pieces of the bread. No need to worry about the cleanliness and it comes with the best cleaning features.

6) Retro Toaster for Long Bread

Retro Toaster for long bread
It is a stainless steel toaster which has wider slots and which is time saving, it keeps the rust away and have all the functions one needs in a toaster

Time saver

The toaster uses high tech technology which enables the bread to be heated in no time and makes sure you have the best bread in no time. The time saving technology allows you to have proper circulation of the air which heats the bread evenly.


It comes with very good quality. You will never regret the prices as its quality is not going to disappoint you at all. It have multiple functions with that help you can defrost, cancel the whole process, or even can pause the process and see how easy it can be.


I would highly recommend you this toaster as it is multi-functional. It is portable and very beautiful due to its stainless steel appearance. If you are going on your vacations you can carry it with you and have the peanut butter toasts whenever you want.

7) Oster Toaster for Long Bread

Oster Toast for long slices of bread
It has advanced technology settings and auto shut offs buttons. It has excellent systems. You can easily put your toasts in it and after preparation take them out

Auto adjusting

It has very advanced technology with auto adjusting systems. It has an auto shut off system so that it shuts off on its own as soon as the toast is cooked. So it is very helpful for you as sometimes you forgot to shut off the buttons.

Wider slots

You can easily place your pieces of bread in these extra wide slots without any difficulty and look at them becoming mouthwatering in no time. Keep in mind that wider the slot the thicker the bread can be warmed.

Automatically bread pops out

It also saves you from burning your hands from heated bread which will automatically pop out and there you go easy life. The best thing is it comes with convectional heating system which will regulate the air evenly to every piece of the bread.

8) Cook mate Toaster for Long Bread

Cook mate Toaster for long bread
Easy to use and easy to maintain the very cook mate toaster enables you to toast some long breads in wide and extra slots which also have an appealing appearance

Easy Cleaning

Pick the crumb tray, wipe it with wet tissue or rinse with water, dry it and YOLA that’s all put it back. Now the toaster will be free of crumbs which were coming in between new bread of yours and making the heating process slow.

Cost effectiveness

There you go the solution just popped out for you! The most reasonable toaster which covers the same functions which an expensive one will be doing for you.  Also it gives the rich appearance in the kitchen space, so it makes it even for the price as well.


Though it is made of plastic body and now you might be thinking that how will things be at the corner, well no the point is even if it is made of plastic the sturdiness it shows and the durability it comes with is quite an impressive one so it covers all the expenses as a whole and gives cute look to your space.

9) Chefman Toaster for long bread

Chefman Toaster For Long Bread
They love you and your bread time as much as you do and because of this love they bring you a best toaster with quick results and easy to use

Upgrade Your Toaster

Have the stainless steel looking toaster which have regulating heating system inside it which make sure every portion of the bread is heated evenly and you have the best tasting bread in no time. The modern solution to your problems comes with upgraded technology.

Wider Slots

Make some best party food with the toaster or throw a movie night and make some bagels, long breads, or even some pop tarts, enjoy every slot because it comes with wider and extra slots which can uphold any amount of the food in it.

Easy to Clean

You all need the toaster which saves time in cleaning, you enjoyed making some bread but now tired yourself cleaning the toaster well this one saves up the time because it comes with lift lever which helps the crumbs go straight to the tray and then you can clean the downside of the toaster easily.

10) Breville Toast for Long Bread

Breville toaster for Long Bread
A stainless steel toaster easy to use for you and your kids. It has indicating buttons which tell you everything about its usage and you will not face any difficulty even if you are using it for the very first time

Toast Your Way

The toaster which have many shade setting is ideal one because it gives the perfect shaded bread of your choice. It can be used to shade and make the bread more tasty and crispy as your choice. Enjoy the ideal toasting time with this toaster.

Indicating Buttons

It has indicating buttons for your ease so that you don’t get confused while using it for the very first time. You will not get any problem while using it. These buttons will help you a lot. Adjust the toaster of your choice with help of buttons. I find it super cool and easy to use.


It is best for your use as you can make your toast the way you like it. Comes with extra storage area, maintains itself without asking for much cleanliness. Buying this one won’t hurt your money nor your time.

11) Brentwood Toaster for Long Bread

Brentwood Toaster For Long Bread
Set the temperature of your choice and work along, the timer will ring and the bread will pop out automatically

Temperature Control

Want to make your bread look crispier and taster but how? Then why to wait anymore when this toaster promises the same thing and comes with exact temperature control which will make the bread look as the same shade you want to eat it, the heating controls regulates the even temperature throughout so the bread is evenly toasted.

Upgraded technology

It comes with upgraded technology of automatically setting up to the precise temperature of your desire. If the bread is cooked and you forgot to turn the toaster off, no worries it will eventually shuts off on its own and your bread stays heated fir longer time period. This feature plays every vital role in food toasters.


Those who used it loved how easy and simple it gets, less in price but comes with all the features. The busy people loved the feature of auto shut off and how very kind of shade can be set according to your desires.

12) Sunbeam Toaster for Long Bread

Sunbeam toaster for long bread
It has four wide slots which make it easy for you to make thicker toasts which are crispy enough. It has an excellent cleaning system and it looks very trendy when you put it inside your kitchen. I’m pretty sure that everyone who sees it will ask you about it


It has a sleek appearance. It is very beautiful and unique. If you are keeping it in your kitchen it will look wonderful. I suggest you buy this as it will make your kitchen look more appealing and beautiful.

Easy cleaning

It can be cleaned easily. After using it anyone can clean it as its crumb tray easily can be taken out and you can remove even smaller crumbs. This comes with built in cleaning system so now enjoy every second of using it.


This toaster has the most advanced technology which it comes with greater power of heating and can make anything of your choice in no time. This also comes with all the features which were never meant to be in toasters and makes your breakfast worthy of eating. People also loved the wide slots of it because how easily you can make anything of your like.

13) Toaster 2 slice for long bread

Toaster 2 slice for long bread
It is a compact stainless steel  toaster. It has a very unique style which makes it different from others. It is very safe to use so that even you children can use it easily without any harm

Unique Style

Wanted to have the stylish looking toaster but could not find one in a market, no worries here it comes. The space, wider slot, and extra slots which gives the even heating system and have all the features in a single toaster. It have two sliced slots for your worthy breads.

Safe to use

It is very easy and safe to use. It will not cause any harm if someone didn’t know how to use it. He can easily use this toaster without any difficulty. It has a simple operation with an Easy one-touch LED indicator button.


Customers loved how safe it gets in using and it have the stylish looking steel body which gives equal amount of temperature set system. I would recommend you to use this as it is very safe and even your kids can make it and there is no worry about harm.


Longing to make some long breads but now all you do is go to shop and have it? Why because you still do not own a personal toaster? Well here you go the above all mentioned toasters are worthy of your money and here is some other listed for you to make wiser choice. Now save some time and brown some beads!

Sunbeam toaster for long bread, Easy cleaning and easy maintaining all it asks for is to set the timer for the bread and let it perform its work independently.

Dash Toaster for Long Bread, These toasters are effective in their working and are also multi-functional. They save your time and your energy. They save your electricity bills too. Every penny you paid for this is worthy of spending because it is trusty toaster.

Chefman Toaster For Long Bread, The cheapest and budget friendly toaster which will be an ideal option for you other than that this covers all the features which toaster should have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use foil in toaster?

Be very careful while using foil in the oven because there are some ovens which may explode because of foil, they do not support the foil. Do not let the sides come intact with each other and also do not cover the oven pan with foil directly because it causes a temperature raise. The usage of foil depends if your crumb tray can hold the foil or not, try to keep the oven as clean as you can. Keep the grease away so it might not cause any issues in future.

What is the ideal time to clean the toaster?

Cleaning is something you cannot run from ever so make ways out for cleaning rather than skipping it. After every use clean it or at least wipe the crumbs so it stays clean. Remember if you used water to clean it then dry it properly, this keeps the rust away automatically. Here is some secret of keeping the device used for longer terms is to keep it clean. Always keep the check in cleaning points so you do not have any issues.

For how long does a toaster works?

The usage of the toaster and the way you keep it will determine how long can it be used for. Make sure the toaster comes with warranty so all the costs can be covered in the same price and no further expenses will be on your budget. Do not settle for less and cheap quality toasters it will only cost you more in longer time.

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[2] Li, Ying, et al. “Automated residential demand response: Algorithmic implications of pricing models.” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 3.4 (2012): 1712-1721.

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