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In a mood to having a pop tart in the morning but not knowing how will you toast it or warm it? There is a solid way to do so and that is using a toaster which can toast your pop tarts and make them melt in your mouth in no time, I feel hungry now. I would say toasters have saved our lives in many ways and are superheroes who do not wear capes. Just make sure to keep pop tarts available so you can serve your cravings anytime with the help of a toaster.

Things to consider when buying pop tarts toasters

Investing in a good toaster can bring you multiple moments of joy when in the morning you know there is someone to warm your perfect bread or even the pop tart which needs to be back in form. Now this all can be done with a single good toaster. Here are some things for you to keep in mind next time you are about to buy a toaster,

Deep slots

Your toaster needs a deep slot for toasting long bread or larger pop tarts. Also to make it easy and quick in the toasting you will need the toaster which has deep lots so much of the thicker food can fit and you can toast them in no time.

Easy cleaning

Maintaining the food accessories is a task and still needs time to clean it, if a wrong step is to take all of the money will be wasted. The cleaning of such things needs precautions and the use of soft brushes. Some of them come with a crumb tray which makes them easy to clean.

BPA free

As the world is evolving I think we are becoming less considerate about environmentally friendly things and the benefits they can give us. BPA free toaster will be friendly in regards to your health and saves the air around you. Also that these give satisfying results as well.[1]

Cost effectiveness

The budget should be the priority for you when buying anything because the cheap items do offer the same as expensive ones so why put some extra when you can have in less.

Low voltage

The more low voltage is the fewer chances of your pop tarts becoming melted and fewer chances of you missing on time. If the consumption of the toaster is much in your life then save some money on the electricity as well because the high voltage is causing you money. Also, that low voltage toasters give perfectly toasted pop tarts.[2]

1. West Bend toaster for pop tarts

West Band toaster for pop tarts
The consistency and easy usage with LED countdown making your pop tarts taster and yummier for you, use it with timer set while enjoying your morning chores

Quick warm function

Always looking for something which gives quicker and resulting ends and this toaster will make sure your pop tarts are ready in no time. The consistency shown by the Kitchenaid is worthy of making you believe that this was worth the purchase? The fastest warming on any settings of your liking making the pop tart ready in no time.

LED Countdown

The LED countdown is a timer that turns down the pop tart if you haven’t put it down within some time, you will defiantly love this one because of how convenient it get with it. This also blinks and shows you the sign that your pop tart is ready to be served.


Comes with the variety of colors and style so choose any which will make you feel comfortable and confident in using it. Also, keep in mind this will make sure you enjoy every moment of using it because of its easy handling.

2. MIC Pop Tart Toaster

Browning control

Pop tarts and they without the perfect shade, what is the purpose to eat them then, right? Well for this the MIC brings you the 3 in 1 all functions which will defrost your pop tart in no time, you can also reheat the cold pop tart, and lastly cancel anytime the procedure. So why worry when things are under your control.[3]

High lift

Do you know why you need lift ability in a toaster? Well, this feature helps you not burning your hand or fingers. Remember the higher is the lift of the toaster the better protection you get from burning from hot sizzling pop tarts.

Comes with warranty

They equally respect and love their customers as you love toasting some pop tarts in their toaster. They provide top-notched services, doorstep set up, and one year warranty covering all the other expenses.

Detachable tray

Defiantly the toaster needs the cleaning and when heating the pop tarts the crumbs definitely will be making it messier so the crumb tray which can be removed, cleaned, and placed back is added for your ease.

3. Morphy Richards Vector pop tart toaster

Morphy Richards Vector pop tart toaster
Auto pop out when your pop tart is ready, the visible buttons making it easy for you to choose the options, what are you waiting for then

Auto pop up

Whenever the pop tart of yours is ready you do not need to take it out, it will pop out automatically, and then YOLA! Enjoy serving and eating it. You can easily and freely take out the pop tart in the plate without burning your hands from heated rods. [4]

Styled buttons

The illuminated buttons make them visible and accurate to use without making any mistake in the decision. The buttons are also stylish looking making you tempered to use them much, but make sure you do not destroy the buttons or the pretty toaster!

Suggested one

Did you plan on bringing it home? NO, well then those who did, they loved using it, making some real quick pop tarts, and enjoying doing chores while their pop tarts are in process. The easy maintaining is making it move to the top of your buying list.

4. Russell Hobbs pop tart toaster

Russell Hobbs pop tart toaster
Better toasting of pop tarts is here in just a single toaster which is easily adjusted and comes with a simple structure also that clean the crumb tray without any hustle


The wire of the toaster can get messier when it is plugged in and it can be a little tangling up the place but this one will save this thing, it contains the wire locator to place the extra one in and now your space is free of wires, toast some pop tarts.

Simple structure

No, you are not calling an expert for the usage because it has the simplest structure with everything in your reach. Buttons and all other functions are just a single click away.

Crumb collector

All the crumbs of pop tarts will be collected at the tray at the end of every use, plus you do not need to clear the tray after every use, you can do it after sometimes. If you use it daily then clean it once a week. And if do not then it depends on the usage. So cleaning is also easy with this one.

5. Dualit Classic Toaster for pop tart

Dualit Classic Toaster for pop tart
Looking for longer terms and with ideal heating along with wider and extra slots so every bite of pop tarts will taste much better than ever, then this is the right purchase

More slots

Want to get it done in a single row rather than waiting for two pop tarts to get ready and then you place another one in, well here is a solution to it. This one contains four slots to make it easier for you to perform a quick job of yours and treat yourself with at least four pop tarts. The wider slots allow you to heat wider pop tarts without any limit.

Longer life span

The manufacturing of the product is in a way that it can be used on longer terms. Its protective heating functions make the internal of the toaster heat the good in equal parts without making any mistake or uncooked part. Also, the wiring of the element is well packed.

Crunchy pop tarts

Most of the toasters may lack making the pop tarts crunchy enough and uneven heating but this one is ideal for making them taste and look crunchy because of the ideal temperature system which will make the pop tart heated in your way and the way you like it.


Those who bought it made an ideal choice in choosing this one because they claim to be using this one for a longer time of period and without any issues they faced, they toasted the pop tarts and their other food without the worry of burning it.

6. Amazon Basics pop tart toaster

Amazon Basics pop tart toaster
Shade setting and multiple purposed toaster will make you trust the whole process and want you to buy it instantly you look at it, also can toast any food item you want to

Shade setting

There is an ideal shade setter for your pop tarts to look perfect in taste and also the better looking. The 6 shade setting allows you to choose any shade of your choice and YOLA! The pop tart is ready. This shade setting is the heating technology of the toaster.

Used for multiple purposes

You do not need to buy any extra toaster for your bagels and toast you can use this one, it is ideally made for every type of bread and food to be toasted so if you invested in this one it will be used in many ways for you.

Recommended one

The ideal heating system and absolute toasting technology and also the longer use of the toaster make the customer believe and trust the company. They can look for a longer term in this one and also need not buy another toaster for the food items other than pop tarts. Easy cleaning and less expensive one is worthy of purchase.

7. Hamilton pop tart toaster

Hamilton pop tart toaster
Make your cravings worthy of every bite with this which comes with wider and extra slots, auto-shut off when the pop tart is ready and also saves the money for you becoming price effective

Shut off automatically

You working, running late in the morning, and doing chores all around, your pop tart in toaster worrying how dark and burnt it will get when you will ignore it, worry not it will automatically shut off if you do not come and take your pop tart out so now enjoy every moment of the chores without worrying of burning your pop tart.

Wider slots

The wider the pop tart is the filling it gets but what if it does not fits in a toaster? Well for this they got the solution, they made the slots wider for you so you can put an as wide pop tart in as you like. Here is a solution!

Price effective

Cravings can make you spend every penny you planned to save but remember this one is price effective. It comes at the half price of any toaster in a market and also does give the same results so why not get this one?

8. REDMOND Toaster for pop tarts

REDMOND Toaster for pop tarts
Bring style to your kitchen with all the functions in a single place, giving easy cleaning, and a wire wrap so you invest for a single time and enjoy toasting some pop tarts easily

Stylish looking

Well decorated home with elegant looking kitchen and then there’s a toaster which is right fitted for the place, yes this is your call. The sleek looking stainless steel body toaster gives good looking vibes to space and also works in all ways so it stands out in the market.


The most important one is setting for 7 shades which are used to heat the pop tarts with ideal temperature, also that it comes with heating technology giving the equal spread of the heat throughout the toaster so your pop tart is ready in all ways. There is a timer setter and also wider slots for toasting much of the pop tarts.

Crumb tray

Cleaning of the toaster can get a little messy when the crumbs are all over the toaster and making your next pop tart dirty of the crumbs, but this one comes with a crumb tray which will collect all the extra crumbs and you will be able to take the tray out anytime and clean it away.[5]

Wire wrap

Some of the toasters come without wire wrap and thus you need to wrap around the toaster which causes damage to the wiring system and then on later stages you will be needing to change the wiring system so why not make it rightly placed at a first place. It gives a space to wrap the wire after use so it is safe.

9. Schloß pop tarts toaster

Schloß pop tarts toaster
Make life easier and efficient with this one when you can use high power technology for heating the pop tarts in no time and let the LED indicators shows you when pop tarts are ready and you can lift them out without causing the burn

High efficiency technology

Want to know how things can be effective in terms of a toaster then let me guide you, the functions of defrosting, heating, and canceling the processes anytime allowing you to make sure you go are at ease, keeping the temperature all perfect, circulating the equal heat so evenly pop tarts are heated. This all makes it highly efficient.


Making food while pop tarts are being ready, the LED indicators will show light and indicates the ready of pop tarts and they will pop out so you can lift them easily and there is no hustle in enjoying it.

Expensive choice

Well owning this one can be an expensive choice because it comes with a higher price and also because of the high efficient power it consumes more energy. It consumes the energy for effective and quick heating and thus costs little higher bills at a later stage but if you planned on getting this one it is worthy of the purchase.

10. Proctor pop tart toaster

Proctor pop tarts toaster
Toast some pop tarts in the thick toaster with wider slots and easy cleaning, remove crumb tray anytime and enjoy the auto shut off technology

Thick toaster

You bought home the pop tart but OPPS! It’s thick and bigger than you think it can fit in the toaster, why worry because this one got thicker and wider slots for making thick pop tarts which will fill up the morning hunger for you.

Convenient cleaning

I do get tired of collecting the crumbs and then cleaning the toaster all over again and it turns out to be exercise but who knows the hero is here! This one comes with a crumb tray collector and also keeps the toaster clean on its own without any more of the hustle.

Auto-shut off

Forgot to pull out the pop tart and wondering YOLA my pop tart got burnt, no darling nothing bad happens, this toaster will shut off automatically when the time goes off so your tasty pop tarts are saved.

11. KRUPS pop tart toaster

KRUPS pop tarts toaster
Multi-functional toaster with all the 4 functions and easy cleaning, which will give the 2 whole year warranty for saving up the cost


The best way to bring ease to your kitchen area is by choosing this one for your pop tarts. This multi-functional toaster will give you free space to reheat, make some bagels, defrost, or even cancel the process if your pop tarts are in. This will give you evenly heated pop tarts without breaking them. They will pop out automatically.

User friendly

The visible buttons on the toaster allow you and even your kids to use them. It comes with a LED indicator that will keep you updated when the pop tart is ready. They keep the intention of making their toasters fully user friendly in all terms.


Once you invested in buying the toaster all other cost is covered by the warranty rue they offer. The best thing is not only for one year but it gives two whole year warranty. Drop them a call the second you feel something went wrong and there you go it is solved.


People claim it to be fun to use and easy but the arrival of the product makes them a little less satisfied and how badly it is packed, some might have found the broken pieces but they loved how everything is covered within the warranty.

12. Elite Gourmet toaster for pop tarts

Elite Gourmet toaster for pop tarts
Greater capacity toaster comes with lesser cost and advanced technology making your pop tart taste better than ever

Safe use

Most of the time you burn your hand while handling with the toaster whether taking the pop tart out of the toaster or immediately touching the toaster after use and then what, you got a burn. This one comes with quick cool down technology making sure the toaster gets cool within seconds so you do not burn and harm yourself. [6]

Cost friendly

Though it is expensive by most of the toasters it is in between the cheap ones and expensive ones come with all the features you are wanting and lastly save zone for you and your family to use.

Greater capacity

Wider, extra, and smoother toasting slots for making every bite of the pop tart tastes much better every time you use it. It got more capacity to hold on to pop tarts in a single time frame. Things are done in no time.

13. Cook mate toaster for pop tart

Cook mate toaster for pop tart
Get the compact, small in size, and portable toaster which gives powered technology and covers all the features which they have as a competition

More powered technology

Looking for something which saves time for you and you can enjoy the breakfast, then this toaster will give quick hating to your pop tarts and prepare them in no time. The powered technology may feel like it will cost you electric bills but Nah! They are energy savers.

Compact design

The small and compact design makes it look super cute and aesthetic in the kitchen where your kids even find it fun using. So let them toast some food for you in the morning.


Most claim that the compact and small size makes it less durable and also that the material used to produce it is cheap but they loved how well it gets along with every function and their requirements.


Your mood was to eat some pop tarts quickly but now deciding on having which toaster for this job is hustling and is tiring, no worries we got you. Here are some toasters which you can consider and all above mentioned already standout the market.

Morphy Richards Vector pop tart toaster,  The stylish looking buttons which makes it all visible and easy in using and controlling the toaster modes is the right call for you if you want user friendly toaster.

Dualit Classic Toaster for pop tart, Comes with wider and extra slots and makes the pop tart taste crunchier, also that it stands out because of its long life span. Invest for longer terms.

Elite Gourmet toaster for pop tarts, The cost effective toaster comes with all the safety gears and has a greater capacity for making you some numbers of pop tarts.

[1] Hormann, Annette M., et al. “Holding thermal receipt paper and eating food after using hand sanitizer results in high serum bioactive and urine total levels of bisphenol A (BPA).” PloS one 9.10 (2014): e110509.

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